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Emma Richman
Emma is currently the Exec Director of Operations at Peaks and Plains Housing Trust.  She is a qualified Architect and Building Surveyor.  She has had many Board roles, including Chair. She has also been an External Examiner at Sheffield Hallam University. Emma is currently a Trustee on the committee of the Pankhurst Centre in Manchester.

Emma has a keen interest in BIM, having applied BIM to and existing tower block last year. Emma would love to see digital recording of Asset information to be mainstream and the norm.

Gary Bellenger – A2Dominion
I’m a Building Surveyor by trade and have worked in social housing for most of my career. I work at A2Dominion, a 39k home RP where I am responsible for, amongst other things, strategic asset management and the performance of the property portfolio. I am not a BIM professional nor do I have much experience of BIM at all. I am an asset manager who has become frustrated with how little the RP sector has progressed in terms of transforming how asset managers work and manage our portfolios and believe that BIM and BIM-like principles should play a key part in transforming asset management going forward. At A2D I am working on piloting BIM for new developments and working on implementing some BIM-like principles for our existing stock portfolio. I believe that the application of BIM-like principles for existing stock has greater potential for impact for RPs than implementing for new build only.

I would like the BIM4Housing Group to promote the benefits of BIM and make the implementation of BIM, and BIM-like approaches more accessible for our sector. This includes how BIM can be implemented so that it is usable and deployable during the asset management phase of the building’s lifecycle and how BIM can assist in the delivery of the hundreds of thousands of low value high volume transactions (repairs, compliance checks, component replacements etc) that are the lifeblood of the asset manager.

Jack White– Clarion Housing
Jack currently works on a range of different projects in the Property Services team at Clarion. One key focus is on creating a digital record of assets in line with Hackitt’s recommendations. Jack has a background in sustainability and sees the potential environmental benefits that this system of asset management could bring.

Alex Oldman
Alex is a positive and people focused technology professional, specialising in the Civica Keystone asset management system. With his involvement for nearly 20 years, Keystone has become the leading AMS in the UK with over half of social housing stock managed on that platform and with customers large and small all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Alex started out developing training courses for asset managers, then moved on to lead the operations team and latterly moved into a sales support role, helping customers get the most from their investment. His interest in the built environment comes from a childhood dragged around National Trust properties, education at the brutalist UEA where he studied an undergraduate degree Physics and working in Social Housing. Outside of work, he is interested in cycling, gadgets and bread making - not all at once as that gets messy.

Luke Hazelwood– Asset Information Manager at L&Q
I am the asset information manager for building services at L&Q – my role is primarily focused on improving the quality and integrity our M&E asset data through policy and procedure changes as well as assisting around the business with data projects such as implementing BIM and ensuring we are prepared to work in a BIM environment in operations.


I am wanting groups like this to help bring together people from all companies to help make BIM more widespread within Housing and for us share ideas and best working practices. An industry standard only works if everyone uses the same standard.

Sarah Stevenson-Jones – Enfield Council
Sarah is a Chartered Surveyor with over twenty years’ experience, working across both private and public sectors. Her role as Resident Safety Director at the London Borough of Enfield encompasses; Asset Strategy, Capital Programme delivery, Compliance management and Building Safety.

Sarah is Chair of London Councils Housing Directors fire safety group and National Vice Chair of the Social Housing Fire Strategy Group (NSHFSG).

Martin Fox
I am a Maintenance Surveyor and have worked for a number of Housing Associations and Local Authorities. I have most recently managed H&S Compliance for Kingston Council in the areas of Fire Safety, Control of Legionella and Management of Asbestos.

I would like BIM4Housing to be able to present case studies and proven methodologies for adoption of BIM (level 1) to Registered Social Landlords.

Gareth Greatrix

Paul Dickson

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