Asif Mirza – Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220608

Asif Mirza - Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220608

Post DCW Feedback

Asif Mirza

Asif Mirza - Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220608

ASIF found the DCW session quite useful. Some additional time at the beginning to get set up would have been welcome, but not possible as the previous session overrun. The right people were around the table. We invited someone in from another table to give us a steer.

When asked by RICHARD what should be the next steps moving forward, ASIF says that the face-to-face meeting was very useful. Teams is easy and convenient to use for the regular meetings but face-to-face with a bit more time allowed would be great. RICHARD said there will be ‘live’ meetings in the future, maybe every few months. ASIF did not entirely grasp the RACI methodology before attending but he did really comprehend it during the session ‘maybe because of collective minds and face-to-face really helped’. He managed to complete the RACI during the session time.

RICHARD is thinking that for the next dull online meeting of the development group to take the methodology and do it with the full group, getting all their input.ASIF said it was straightforward to get through the scoring side of RACI and he had his own set of notes made prior to the meeting for the second section. RICHARD said they’ll send out the RACI scoresheets and also invite pre-meeting input. Also, it would be great to send out Asif’s output from the event to help inform those who did not attend the DCW session.

ASIF thinks they should keep up momentum, communicate output, and hopefully more people will get involved. He says that, considering people in construction are generally quite visual, a visual representation of where we are, when we started and where we want to be would be very helpful - it would be a quick way of getting the message across. He’s happy to help with this.