Housing Development clients have always been responsible for the safety of their residents, but the transparency, governance and scrutiny of demonstrating this is changing rapidly – and this will change even more as the requirements of the Building Safety Regulator are established.

Developers/Owners now have the opportunity to ensure they are provided with the information they need to plan and operate safe and cost-effective estates. BIM4Housing provides the collaborative environment for clients to develop a consistent approach for requesting digital information from their supply chains, so enabling those individual suppliers to standardise and quality assure what they provide.

The Development Working Group funnels through issues and ideas to specialist Workstreams, giving Developers a direct input into the projected work-practices at all levels of the supply chain. In turn, we get a view of the other side of the coin, enabling our requirements to be realistic and more nuanced.

Q & A with Development Group Leaders.

  1. What are the specific problems your group is setting out to resolve?
    • What are the barriers to development organizations successfully implementing BIM
    • How to articulate a business case for BIM?
    • How is change best managed when implementing BIM?
    • What are the issues for front line staff when implementing BIM related change?
    • What procurement challenges will clients face when implementing BIM?
  2. What will be achieved by the resolution of each specific problem?
    • Greater clarity for client organisations in considering the benefits of BIM
    • Shared experience of implementing BIM within consultant, contractor, and client organisations
    • Guidance for organisations embarking on their change programmes for implementing BIM
  3. What process will you employ to find resolutions?
    • Group discussion and facilitation
  4. What specific methods will you employ to communicate resolutions to all stakeholders (Incl. BIM implementers, industry, customers, legislators & policy makers)?
    • Thought piece articles in industry journals
    • Posting articles on the BIM4Housing website
    • We are planning an online Webinar with interested stakeholders

Development Group Meetings and Highpoints

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