BIM4Housing Workstreams are where issues that span across all industry sector Working Groups are resolved. Our output is not 'food for thought', but a series of reports and guidance aiming to solve real problems industry-wide.

"In most topic areas, those who are passionate about change know what needs to be done to improve things, but they cannot achieve that within their own “silo”. We need to create an environment that allows experts to share their ideas with other experts. These initial ideas can then be challenged and developed into solutions."
George Stevenson, ActivePlan
Chairman BIM4Housing

Paul Bray - GIFireE

A managed and ongoing inspection regime of all safety-related assets is crucial to building safety. This workstream looks to identify the required steps and formulate a straightforward methodology.

Standardising Inspections

Karen E. Jones - Stream Leader

The current confluent of crises; demand for homes, skilled labour and sustainability, have accelerated the need to modernise methods of construction.

David Emery - Stream Leader


Scott Sanderson – PRP

Reducing the risk and impact of fire is complex and affects different parties- many of whom need to work in concert to achieve solutions that are effective.

Will Perkins – Group MD at SE Controls


Omar Elhoucine – BSS Group

Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges facing all aspects of all industries. With construction's tight margins, cost-effective delivery is vital.

Dr Kwadwo Oti-Sarpong