Workshop Schedule

MMC Workstream Workshops

  • What information is needed from the industry in order to help Procurement teams compare MMC tenders to traditional builds? 8th Jan @ 3pm
  • Why do late design changes happen and how can this be mitigated or managed? 15th Jan @ 3pm
  • What efficiencies can be made in MMC manufacturing due to BIM’s management of information? Examples of where this works well in other sectors and what could be learnt from this. 22nd Jan @ 3pm
  • What information is managed within the logistics of MMC? How can this be utilised by all parties via BIM? 29th Jan @ 3pm
  • What type of information is needed to carry out maintenance and repairs? Is managing in use repairs different or improved in MMC compared to traditional? How can BIM support this? 5th Feb @ 3pm
  • What would be ideal practice for managing warranty and certs? Who should own, manage & handover the COBie data? 12th Feb @ 3pm
  • How can BIM help with the feedback loop, in order to create useful comparison’s for all of the supply chain? What are the barriers to this? 19th Feb @ 3pm
  • How can the recommendations of the Hackitt report be supported by MMC & BIM combined? 26th Feb @ 3pm