Will Perkins – Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220610

Will Perkins - Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220610

Post DCW Feedback

Will Perkins

Will Perkins - Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220610

RICHARD asks WILL how did DCW go from his point of view? What should be the next steps going forward?

WILL PERKINS says, firstly, there was never going to be enough time. The fire doors group he was involved in was good, including the useful input of an architect who attended. His group focused only on fire doors considering that there were two fire door manufacturers and a hardware manufacturer in attendance. The floor plan was very useful because it was a real life situation. It took 20 minutes for the 3 door experts to agree on the actual application - just 1 fire door has so many possible variations!

The employee of Assa Abloy produced spreadsheets with machine readable data - this enabled them to see for the first time the kind of thing that manufacturers need to be moving towards to present their data. regarding CPPI, he doesn’t know if there is any need there for machine readable data. Therefore, Bim4housing should contact CPPI because they are driving data sheets. RICHARD says, yes, it’s essential to officially contact them.

Regarding RACI, asks RIChard, did that work? WILL says there would not have been enough time to go through all the RACI methodology in the DCW meeting, but the RACI approach to risk and accountability is critical. WILL considers that RACI is an extension of the original roundtable meeting they had about AOVs, it’s an illustration of who is accountable. In RACI there can only ever be one person/actor who is accountable, and several people ‘responsible’. he’s not sure how RACI can be used by them beyond being a tool of illustration of accountability.

RICHARD ask’s Will whether, in the July meeting, it would be a good idea to put out this methodology and going through the exercise with the whole group. WILL says yes, and he can do both AOV and Cavity insulation.

WILL thinks there is an issue with the titles in the template because they don’t align with the building safety bill. It’s good to put together RACI matrixes (one for each of AOV and cavity barriers) as long as they will have the freedom to refine it.

WILL says in the next couple of weeks he will email the group to inform them that they’ll refine the RACI matrix with AOV and cavity barrier products (there’s some continuity with the original roundtable here) and he’ll send the original document out. Participants will then be prepared to populate and refine the RACI matrixes during the design meeting. He’ll also send to RICHARD the CPPI info.