Stephen Gore – Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220606

Stephen Gore - Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220606

Post DCW Feedback

Stephen Gore

Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220606

RICHARD points out that as soon as a human gets involved there is a possibility of error. Industry should be moved towards accepting that it’s got to be machine readable and, therefore, absolutely consistent.

STEPHEN thinks that the format was OK but the location of an open space in the middle of an exhibition, along with the time constraints, were not advantageous - a meeting room would have been better. RICHARD said it was typical of the kind of meetings/roundtables that Bim4housing holds. We want to deliver outputs that are solutions (not to be talking shops).

STEPHEN is interested in attending the manufacturing meetings in the future. His role is fire safety but there may also be others at Swegon organisation who may be able to add more value in other elements of manufacturers e.g. service/contractors etc. Stephen is also working on competency frameworks so can assist with templates. It’s generally the manufacturers who will know the technical content of products better than anyone…the matter is to define it into something machine readable. So, Swegon can certainly offer support with the content generation of products.

RICHARD says thats fantastic and he’s already doing a lot of work on that. he will look at the fire dampers and smoke control damper docs and make comments.