BIM4Housing Working Groups identify the issues affecting their own specific discipline. Looking to the future, as well as existing challenges, these issues are then funneled through to Workstreams, for analysis and solutions.

"In most topic areas, those who are passionate about change know what needs to be done to improve things, but they cannot achieve that within their own “silo”. We need to create an environment that allows experts to share their ideas with other experts. These initial ideas can then be challenged and developed into solutions."
George Stevenson, ActivePlan
Chairman BIM4Housing

Bill Watts – Max Fordham

Designers have always had to balance the competing issues of quality and cost. Safety and social impact have also been key drivers, but with sustainability coming to the forefront, information holds the key.

Andrew de Silva - David Miller Architects


As regulations become more stringent, manufacturers find their levels of responsibility rising. While requirements for product quality tighten, so does the onus on them to supply greater, verifiable detail on those products.

Will Perkins – SE Controls


Everything around building lifecycle is becoming increasingly complex. The need for specialist advisors to be more aware of all aspects of supply chain delivery is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but an essential part of the mix.

Debbie Carlton – Director, Dynamic Knowledge


The Hackitt requirement of creating the golden thread that connects the original specification to products that were recommended, and then what was actually installed, means that there is a need to deliver very efficiently- to avoid additional costs impacting on commercial viability.

Paul McSoley – Mace


Paul White - Gravesham Borough Council

Housing Development clients have always been responsible for the safety of their residents, but the transparency, governance and scrutiny of demonstrating this is changing rapidly.

David Poat - Notting Hill Genesis


The first vital step in getting Operations teams a reliable Asset Information Model is to identify, exactly, the information that is needed, where that information can be found and who should be responsible for supplying it.

Bex Gibson - Building Safety Delivery Manager, Livewest

Tier 1 IQ

In removing the veil that is BIM, we are looking to weave the Golden Thread to deliver increased Information Quality through closely defined parameters.

Martin Adie - Balfour Beatty Construction