BIM4Housing Workstreams are where issues that span across all industry sector Working Groups are resolved. Our output is not 'food for thought', but a series of 'How To' guides to solve real problems industry-wide.

"In most topic areas, those who are passionate about change know what needs to be done to improve things, but they cannot achieve that within their own “silo”. We need to create an environment that allows experts to share their ideas with other experts. These initial ideas can then be challenged and developed into solutions."
George Stevenson, ActivePlan
Chairman BIM4Housing

Sustainability, safety and social impact are all key drivers in the development of great homes and communities.

Andrew de Silva - David Miller Archiects


BIM is often seen as a software application; when it is actually a combination of processes, information, people, culture and many different software applications working together.

Varun Soni - calfordseadon


Developers/Owners now have the opportunity to ensure they are provided with the information they need to plan and operate safe and cost effective estates.

David Poat - Notting Hill Genesis


BIM4Housing provides the asset teams with the opportunity to reach a common agreement of what information they actually need,

Gary Bellenger - A2Dominion Group