Scott Sanderson – PRP

Fire Safety

How can an owner assure their building is safe?
As the Grenfell enquiry identified, design, construction, manufacturing, inspection, operations and development made mistakes. Each of these is represented by the BIM4Housing Working Groups.

Reducing the risk and impact of fire is a complex challenge that affects different parties- many of whom need to work in concert to achieve solutions that are effective.

BIM4Housing’s Fire Safety workstream includes representatives from the Working Groups so the interests and concerns of each stakeholder can be tabled, debated and collective solutions developed.

By collaborating, this workstream will be able to find 'quick wins' that individuals have already identified and propose as best practice for consideration by each parent Working Group for BIM4Housing-wide adoption.

Will Perkins – Group MD at SE Controls

Fire Safety Group Meetings and Highpoints

If you have a comment or suggestion on a particular meeting, or just in general, please

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