Post DCW Feedback

Mo Fisher

Next steps from DCW roundtables-20220606

MO FISHER was on the design table and from the off they just focused on design rather than the point in hand which were the different items on the lists. it wasn’t prescriptive enough, it was left too open. So, it wasn’t successful right from the beginning because at no point did anyone look at RACI. It was debating what could be the issues rather than the issues at hand. RICHARD deduces from MO’s comments that he thought at was not focused enough and a bit too broad. Also, considering that people didn’t know each other, Richard says it needed to be simple and straightforward. MO agrees with this.

MO says it would have been better if the RACI was split out for the gateways (designers are gateway 1) which means that each discipline can just focus on what is relevant at that point rather than overloaded and all contained in one list. RICHARD says there was also some confusion as to what was the most onerous element - it’s not responsibility it’s accountability. It was put together quickly to primarily showcase the kind of thing that we do.

MO agrees with Richard’s suggestion that he thinks the RACI approach was correct but it would be better to be done within disciplines. mo thought it was good the way the risks were identified, but as soon as you get one or more subjects the brain wanders…they ended up talking about the flat design, the layout. He didn’t feel comfortable to say ‘hold on, we’re missing the point here’ as many attendees were unknown to him.

RICHARD suggests they could run through the exercise in the next design meeting. MO thinks they should pick one subject that hasn’t already been worked on and see how the list works against that. RICHARD says that methodology has to adapt depending on which group it is you’re dealing with. MO reiterates a focal point would be good and then strip it back to the gateways and who is involved at what stage, it then becomes easier to associate the questions (that are there already) with each part. Not everyone in the design group is a designer (so there is input from other stakeholders) but yes, the focus should be on design.