Great to be working with Cambridge University and the redoubtable @Reyhaneh Shojaei and @Kwadwo Oti-Sarpong on this invaluable workshop for all SMEs.

Workshop Aim: This workshop aims to provide guidance and recommendations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction and housing sector on successfully adopting digital innovation in their organizations. Through this workshop, participants will learn about the challenges faced by the industry in adopting digital technologies and gain insights into how to overcome them.

Additionally, the workshop will facilitate discussion and collaboration between different actors across the supply chain to promote innovation and growth in the industry.

Who should attend? This workshop is tailored for construction and housing professionals (e.g., architects, engineers, builders, contractors, developers, suppliers), working with small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and policymakers. Whether you're just starting to explore digital innovation or you are looking for ways to optimize your organization's use of technology and digital innovation, in particular building information modelling (BIM), this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical recommendations.

Workshop Activities:

Participants will:

  • Deliberate on and identify critical challenges related to digital technology adoption and the ways to tackle these challenges in their organizations and for project
    delivery. Participants will be encouraged to draw on experiences in their organizations or from working with delivery partners.
  • Be introduced to an industry guidance which explains practical enablers and recommendations for successful adoption of technologies. This guidance has been developed based on a long-running research project at the University of Cambridge.
  • Engage in Q&A session with the researchers and workshop facilitators to address participants' specific challenges and concerns.
  • Have networking opportunities to connect with other professionals in the industry and explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

Follow the link to register or just send me a message. Empowering SMEs in a digitally enabled construction and housing sector Tickets, Wed 12 Apr 2023 at 12:30 | Eventbrite

Information sharing with local fire and rescue services

Information sharing with local fire and rescue services

Latest guidance for landlords ahead on 23rd January about what information they need to share with local fire and rescue service – and how.

The National Fire Chief’s Council (NFCC) has been supporting the BIM4Housing Fire Safety Workstream to understand the duties under the new legislation so that it can be managed alongside the other duties they are already wrestling with to satisfy the building safety regulator.

We’ve run several workshops which you can see here where responsible and accountable persons of high-rise residential buildings can learn and share knowledge about what information they need to provide information on their buildings to the local fire and rescue service by 23 January 2023 and for the building safety regulator from April.

Inspection of fire doors will be a key activity in the New Year, so we’ve established a new Workstream or experts in fire doors to create pragmatic but effective and auditable inspection procedures. Anyone interested in participating in that, email

The fire and rescue services are currently finalising their information sharing arrangements and the NFCC will be providing direct links to the dedicated sections of their websites, which the BIM4Housing Fire Safety Workstream will share – allowing our Community to collaborate in finding the best ways to deliver.
The information to be shared includes details of the construction of the external walls, floor and buildings plans, and information on known faults with key firefighting equipment.
This information must be shared via electronic means, so you are welcome to join the BIM4Housing community to explore the various ways of achieving that.

BIM 4 Housing All Set to Disrupt the Housing Sector by Its Innovative Methods

BIM 4 Housing All Set to Disrupt the Housing Sector by Its Innovative Methods

BIM 4 Housing, the non-profit organisation, is brimming with innovation to disrupt the housing sector.

Nottingham, UK, November 23, 2022: The well-known non-profit organisation for construction consulting and management, BIM 4 Housing, is focusing on the “information” element of BIM. This innovative approach promises to disrupt the housing sector and let the stakeholders use BIM (Better Information Management) to provide safer, greener, and easy-to-maintain residential buildings.

Chaired by BIM veteran George Stevenson, along with the Director of BIM 4 Housing, Richard Freer, the organisation is doing a lot in the UK, as substantial changes in legislation are introduced to enhance building safety and prevent disasters such as Grenfell Towers.

In this context, George Stevenson, Chairman of BIM 4 Housing, quotes: “We want to focus on the Information element of BIM and how it can address the quality, cost, program, and safety challenges we are all wresting with.”

BIM 4 Housing offers a platform for passionate people to meet to create big changes. Everybody here works on a voluntary basis to help improve the housing and construction industry and to create a positive impact on its future.

In addition, BIM 4 Housing is supporting the L&Q/DLUCH Golden Thread Initiative in defining the challenges the industry faces post-grenfel- along with suggesting substantive solutions.

Stakeholders interested in sharing ideas and innovative methods and to talk, research, and discuss can contact this organisation by filling an online form on the website


150 Lambley Lane, Burton Joyce,

Nottingham, NG14 5BN United Kingdom.

Phone: 442032865267