BIM4Housing at Digital Construction Week May 18th

What does the digital record need to include?

What information is needed from each discipline?

How can Better Information Management (BIM) help?

The culmination of a series of online roundtables, including hundreds of experts from across the stakeholder spectrum, will be a ‘live’ in-person session bringing together our findings for evaluation and improvement. That will be at Digital Construction week on May 18th.

If you’d like to come along or get involved with those online roundtable discussions, please message me.

Background thinking:

The lack of clear direction from the Regulator means landlords, developers and contractors are unclear about what they should have in place. The new Regulatory regime requires “accountable people” to demonstrate that they have measures in place that keep tenants safe.

How do they check handover information contains everything they need, in a format that they can keep updated and share with key stakeholders?

On new-build, Gateways 2 and 3 reviews could delay or stop projects from progressing, so how can Better Information reduce that risk – and how should we manage that information?

BIM4Housing’s community of Developers, Designers, Contractors, Manufacturers, Operators and Advisors have spent the last couple of years digging deep into what information each party needs and how it might be gathered. Our contribution to the Golden Thread Initiative is ongoing, with Tier 1 contractors reconsidering how specialists can be engaged earlier, to complete the design by Gateway 2.

We now need to apply what we have learned to redesign some established processes, add different information to the software we are using and produce different information. Some firms will have much of this sorted, but many are just starting the journey. Just as designing and delivering a building is a collaborative endeavour, no single vendor has the complete Golden Thread solution. Each project will have dozens, even hundreds, of Golden Threads that must be weaved together to deliver what we need to deliver safer, more sustainable, homes for people.

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@Chris Waterman delivered an overview of his publication, The Plain Guide to the Building Safety Act. He’d explained the Act to MPs who voted on it and was now explaining it to us. Needless to say, this was quite a challenge. But Chris clarified a number of issues which, inevitably, raised others, which BIM4Housing will be looking to resolve- with Chris’s input- over the coming months.

@George Stevenson and @Will Perkins later explained BIM4Housing’s latest moves at that resolution, in the form of dedicated Workstreams looking at standardising inspections for fire-related assets. Anyone with the relevant knowledge and experience would be very welcome to join this effort.

A recording and highpoint notes of the meeting will be available shortly at
If you’d like to order a copy of Chris’s publication, The Plain Guide to the Building Safety Act, just drop me a line.

Government Advisor Returns to BIM4Housing

Government Advisor Returns to BIM4Housing

After his scintillating performance at last month’s BIM4Housing meeting, @Chris Waterman returns to bring you the inside track on the Building Safety Act. Regularly a thorn in the side of Government and Opposition, both, Chris pulls no punches and we are guaranteed a few tasty snippets, we’ll have to delete from the video we publish after.

Thursday February 9th 11 am.

BIM4Housing regulars will receive an invite, any one else please message me and we’ll arrange an invitation.

Chris taught MPs the meaning and implications of the Fire Safety Act and the Building Safety Act- now you learn from a man who knows.

BIM4Housing ADVISORY WORKING GROUP November 9th ‘22

BIM4Housing ADVISORY WORKING GROUP November 9th ‘22

Wednesday’s Advisory Working Group meeting examined the challenges of managing competency. Looking at how aware people are and whether they’ve actually looked at the competence product framework. Setting some context first, the meeting looked at a recently-finished Innovate project on product based building systems.
The meeting was chaired by @Debbie Carlton and @Dave Peacock
The subject of this meeting was Competency Management.
Featuring a presentation from @Debbie Carlton. A video and High Points of the meeting are available on