Just to remind you, our ongoing efforts can be found on at the bottom of the Home page.
We worked on an initial 2 phases.  Phase 1 defined the over-arching questions that need to be answered, for 12 fire-critical asset types, to deliver the BIM-plus solution necessary to the effective functioning of the Golden Thread in terms of Fire Safety.
The questions defined are:

  • What risks does the asset mitigate?
  • To what risks is the asset, itself, susceptible?
  • What information is needed about an asset, to ensure it performs as required?
  • What tasks/method statements/procedures are required to ensure the asset is installed, commissioned, inspected, and maintained properly?
  • What level of competency/training needs to be in place?
  • How should product changes be recorded?

Phase 2 sought to answer those questions, offering a definitive guide to the delivery of The Golden Thread through the effective management of required information.
The work is ongoing- we’d appreciate your help.

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