BIM4Housing Advisory Working Group Meeting-20220309

BIM4Housing Advisory Working Group Meeting-20220309

George: Presentation of Data standardisation, organisations, and community.

Presentation of templater application/tool that finds relevant info about assets.

The goal is to create a number of standardised data templates to draw all information together for products and activities.

Duty holders group – decides what information is required regarding assets.

Identify risks, how to mitigate them, and assets type and properties so that they can feed them back to the manufacturer in order to create an item with correct assets but have to be careful with replacement procedures.

46 mins It is important that they take a step back and maximise space for services eg. Pipes/cables/things hidden in ceiling etc that make a building work – these things need to be accessible for replacement and repairs. Space is the key thing –leave more space to allow for co-ordination.

George: There are different priorities that drive specifications. There are 3 specifications: performance, descriptive and prescriptive. At gateway 2 we should be at a point where all the elements are named and selected. There are practical challenges due to design co-ordination issues and a difference in stages between work packages.

Jarek: Industry has forgotten principles of how to coordinate services. They should divide space into zones and then coordinate. What about the usability of the information in George’s presentation? Maybe we need an excel database so it can be used easier, extracted, and analysed?

George: we have a database platform in templater, but how do we take this information and interpret it in the right form?

All the attributes of something electrically powered (ISC) is already in the templater, but maybe we can add additional properties for safety inspection and use with other items.

Sally: There needs to be a wholesale re-imagining of the information we need to capture in the model – what needs to be signed by whom and who's responsible to sign it off. We have to proscribe who is responsible for tracking assets.

George: We have the 12 asset types and we’ve created synonyms and added in Uniclass and IFC to have a common taxonomy to compare things. We’ve drawn out the risks (from word doc) and suggested mitigations, what can be compromised and what tasks need to be done, and also competency (who has the skills to do it?).

We are currently creating a self-evaluation process to assess competencies.

60% of the problems faced by Balfour Beatty are about compartmentation.

George: In black box we have asset risk reports giving example of things that go wrong.

Jarek: You could write about it in the format of ‘lessons learned’

Neil: No one has approached the big players in the sector and asked if they want to work together to build an asset information architecture down to attribute level and actually implement it. GEORGE replied: that’s what we’re trying to do with the Data Group.

George will get together with Debbie and Dave and work out what the next steps will be for participants to contribute in the future.