Debbie Carlton – Director, Dynamic Knowledge

As regulatory compliance becomes ever-more complex, so the need for specialist advisors to be more aware of all aspects of supply chain delivery is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but an essential part of the mix. BIM is a combination of processes, information, people, culture and many different software applications working together. Clients and their project teams need their legal, commercial and sustainability advisors to provide the framework for those elements to work in unison.

The Advisory Group brings together specialists across many disciplines. This offers our input at all stages of a building’s life cycle, while giving us a view of issues, normally, outside of our remit. These issues we pass through to focussed workstreams, which then revert back with solutions- or, sometimes, more questions.

Dave Peacock – Technical Director TÜV SÜD

Advisory Group Meetings and Highpoints

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